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What does the AM Best rating show?

AM Best is an organization that gives grades / ratings to insurance companies worldwide. Their rating helps show if an insurance company is financially strong or not.

Grade / rating Financial strength
A++ and A+ Superior
A and A- Excellent
B++ and B+ Very good
B and B- Fair
C++ and C+ Marginal
C and C- Weak
NR Not rated

What does the complaint index show?

The complaint index shows how consumer complaints filed against a company compare to the average for other companies selling the same type of insurance.

Index score Compared to other companies selling the same type of insurance
Fewer than average
Less than 1.00
The company got fewer than the average number of complaints.
The company got an average number of complaints.
More than average
More than 1.00
The company got more than the average number of complaints.

Note: Some companies that have a small number of policies might show a complaint index score that is “more than average.” A company may have a small number of policies because it is: (1) new to the insurance market, (2) leaving the insurance market, or (2) provides only special types of policies, like high‐risk policies.

Why are there limited options on some of the questions?

The Texas Department of Insurance collects information for this website from various insurance companies. To do this, we ask them to provide information for specific scenarios. The options shown in the question form are for those scenarios. For example, we collect rate information for condos valued at either $50,000 or $100,000.

When answering questions, pick the option closest to your case. For example, if you own a condo that is $150,000, the $100,000 option should give you a good estimate and show you how the companies stack up.

Why aren’t all companies that sell insurance in Texas included?

The only companies that are required to send information for this website are those in the top 25 insurance groups in the nation. Texas companies that are not in the top 25 list can voluntarily send us their information. View companies included on this website